Unity Park News

Unity Park Anchors Equitable Development in Greenville

Aug 21, 2018

New reconciliation parks in the South — like the Gathering Place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Red Mountain Park in Birmingham, Alabama — are explicitly designed to bring together previously-segregated communities. But the new Unity Park in Greenville, South Carolina, goes a step further: it will not only bridge communities but also actually merge two once-segregated parks. (The Dirt)

South Carolina Park Looks to Uncover and Mend City’s Segregated History

Aug 21, 2018

Plans to develop a $40 million park in an abandoned and once segregated part of the city are bringing this history to light. But the story behind Unity Park—planned to open in 2020—is also the story of how Greenville has undergone a radical transformation, all while becoming a national model for intelligent and inclusive urban planning. (Forbes)