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A Park for All of Us

Preliminary work is well underway and the groundbreaking for Unity Park is scheduled for spring 2020. The park is expected to open in November 2021.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back frequently throughout the course of the project to view video updates, drone footage and photos, and to learn more about the construction process in our builder’s blog. Join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #buildunity.

Construction includes:

  • Restoration of a half-mile section of the Reedy River and adjacent wetlands
  • Preservation and renovation of Mayberry Field, the historic park built by the City in the 1920s for African-American children during a time of segregation
  • Michelin Green, an expansive 9-acre green space that serves as Unity Park's front door
  • Three playgrounds, including the 3,600-square-foot Greenville Water Splashground
  • A Visitors Center featuring a welcome center, gallery space and flexible assembly space
  • The Gathering Hall, the park’s primary performance facility and community hub
  • The Auro Bridge, a custom-designed wooden pedestrian bridge spanning the Reedy River in the center of the park
  • Meadowbrook Green, named for the historic Meadowbrook Park built on this site in 1938
  • An extension of the Swamp Rabbit Trail as well as a network of walking paths
DRONE SELFIE: The City's drone team makes weekly flights over the park site..

Drones are Helping to #BuildUnity

The City’s Unity Park project team is utilizing a unique tool to help guide decisions about features within the park – a drone. The city will use an FAA-certified drone pilot to perform various types of flights over the park site throughout the course of the project. The City flies a DJI Mavic 2 Pro, which is a multi-rotor aircraft with a 20-megapixel camera.

The drone will fly an established flight path over the entire park site weekly, allowing changes and progress to be tracked over time. The drone will be used to capture 360-degree and horizontal panoramas at various locations throughout the site and to capture different perspectives of the park at various elevations. It has already been used to simulate views from various elevations for the future tower.

Drone technology provides a variety of benefits to the City:

  • Drones offer a fast, safe and efficient way to collect data
  • Viewing something from various elevations can reveal new details not easily seen from ground level
  • Drones are ideally suited for collecting footage and high-resolution photos of surface conditions before, during and after construction projects - especially large sites
  • Drones can easily access remote areas
  • Drones can be rapidly deployed, making them ideally suited for emergency response situations. When roads are impacted by flooding or storm damage, the ability to quickly see the full situation is critical.
  • Drone videos and images will be uploaded periodically to the Unity Park website, where the public can follow the progress of construction.