Street Paving Plan

The City of Greenville, in partnership with CONSOR Engineering and Roadway Asset Services (RAS), has surveyed the condition of city streets and created a paving maintenance plan for roadways owned by the city.

Performed between October and December 2021, the survey provided the city with baseline road data and found 85.5% of the networks of streets were in good, satisfactory or fair condition. Using street prioritization software, city staff and its partners created an optimized seven-year paving plan based on the level of maintenance each roadway needs and cost associated with those repairs.

Initial funding was $6 million; however a 50-50 state match received in September expanded the program to $12 million. Now a total of 92 city streets - more than 26 miles of road - will be targeted for repaving and repair in 2023!

View an Alphabetical List of Streets included in the 2023 Pavement Plan

The paving plan takes advantage of treatment types aimed at preservation, rehabilitation and reconstruction rather than simply working on the "worst first," a method that would result in far more costly lifecycle costs. 

The City will use $6 million from the Neighborhood Infrastructure Bond to cover its portion of the funding. The matching grant came form the Greenville Legislative Delegation Transportation Committee (GLDTC).

For more information regarding the data collection and roadway selection process, please view the report below.

Download Paving Plan (PDF)

image showing cover of pavement report