Unity Park Playgrounds & Splash pad

Playgrounds are open daily during regular park hours, from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. The Greenville Water Splash Pad is open Mondays from 1 p.m. to sunset and Tuesday-Sunday from 9 a.m. to sunset. The Splash Pad will be turned off any day there is rain, including scattered showers. It will operate from May 1 to October 15.

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Located in the heart of Unity Park, the playground zone features four distinct play areas: 

  • The 30,400-square-foot TD Synnex Playground is about the size of 3½ tennis courts. Featuring several slides, rope climbing structures, boulder scrambles, balance logs and beams and two lookout towers modeled after fire towers along the Blue Ridge Parkway, this mound playground is unique in the Upstate.

  • The 13,200-square-foot Donovan Playground measures about the size of an Olympic-size swimming pool and includes an all-in-one play structure, a custom log bridge, swings, teeter-totters, auditory/sensory equipment and a giant green salamander play sculpture. 
  • The 9,400-square-foot Ann Watson Trotter Memorial Garden equals the size of two basketball courts and includes swings, several natural play elements, a climbing wall and a storytelling circle.
  • The 4,100-square-foot Greenville Water Splash Pad features just under 40 spray jets and includes a special toddlers-only zone, so younger visitors can explore safely.

ADA Accessibility

The playgrounds at Unity Park are designed to be a unique nature play experience where children can engage in imaginative, social and cooperative play with other children and with a variety of natural materials and features. 

Custom steel fencing that evokes grasses swaying in the wind surrounds the play areas, provides separation from vehicular traffic and invites children along accessible routes through entrance gateways. Children and families can then explore the various play elements, spaces and landforms through a variety of primary and secondary pathways. 

The various surfaces, including poured-in-place rubber and synthetic turf, were selected to be ADA-accessible and provide fall protection.  An ADA-accessible route also leads children up the largest mound to the lookout tower, where they can enjoy a unique birds-eye view of the park. 

The natural playground provides an even more tactile experience for children, with tree mashups, natural boulders and log structures, and a fun storytelling circle with small tree-trunk chairs. Very young children of all abilities can interact with both natural materials and more traditional elements, including musical instruments in the toddler playground, and explore the blue “lazy river”.  

Specialized equipment in the playgrounds, such as swings with overhead restraints and a transfer station with grab bars, provide additional access for children with disabilities.