Community Involvement

What Makes It More Than Just A Park?

Among the City's first partners were the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods, who worked closely with the City and its consultants to develop the master plan for the park.

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What Makes Unity Park Unique


To protect existing neighborhoods, in June 2020, the City adopted a character code specific to the area surrounding the park.

The Unity Park Neighborhood District Code promotes the character of the area and encourages a walkable urban center that features cohesive design, use, densities and pedestrian amenities to create a vibrant, sustainable and complimentary community, while protecting existing residential areas from inappropriate infill and redevelopment.

Commitment to Affordable Housing

We're creating a park for everyone, whether your from around the globe or around the corner. From the start, the Unity Park project has aimed to create connections across neighborhoods, by providing affordable housing opportunities around the park.

Through partnerships with the Greenville Housing Fund, that dream will become homes for residents of all income levels.

Green Infrastructure

City engineers are using new infrastructure management techniques to control stormwater and reduce flooding in this lowland area of the city.